Hello world

I’ve never seen much point in one of these things before, but I’ve been browsing the blog of a friend and realised that it’s a lot of self-indulgent trossachs, so I’m thinking I’ll have me a bit of that. I doubt I’ll post here much, but we’ll see.

 For now, this is supposed to be some sort of online diary or description of my deepest thoughts or something, so here it is:

 Right now, my problem is motivation. I have stress paralysis. I have too many things to do, not enough time to do them in, I know they have to be done but I can’t even decide how to start thinking about what order they need to be done in, let alone actually doing them. Usually what it takes to get me out of this mental state is a sudden, seriously stressful event. Given that it was a sudden, seriously stressful event that put me in this state in the first place, I’m not sure whether the normal rules apply.

But enough of that. More later if I can be bothered.


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